About the YGSE

The York Graduate Students in Education (YGSE) is a non-profit student association that represents part- and full-time graduate students in the Faculty of Education. YGSE provides graduate students in Education with various workshops, social and conference opportunities. It provides a forum for graduate students to exchange views on their experience in the faculty, to share information through the various committees on which they may be sitting, to help committee members make important decisions that can affect the running of the graduate program, and to meet new colleagues.

YGSE membership is drawn from volunteers each September and it meets approximately five times during the fall-winter term. Graduate students are encouraged to put forward their names for committee positions available (the nomination and election process are usually announced in September) and to attend the first YGSE meeting which will be held towards the end of September (the date, time, and place will be provided closer to the beginning of the academic year). Getting involved with the YGSE is an excellent opportunity to better understand and more fully participate in the faculty and the university.

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