Funding Opportunities

Looking for funding for a conference, bursaries, or to help with research costs? Check out the links below to funding available both at York University and beyond.

Know of funding opportunities not listed? Please Contact Us!

YGSE Bursaries
  • Conference and Research Bursary: This bursary is available to any graduate student currently enrolled in the Faculty of Education at York University. This bursary covers conference fees, association fees, and research costs. Students are eligible for up to $200/school year to cover these costs. Please note, association fees will only be covered if the student has been accepted to present at the conference.
  • Bursary for Indigenous Students: This grant is available for current graduate students who identify as Indigenous within the faculty of education graduate studies at York University. These funds are made available to applicants to help them in the following areas: Funding community outreach and projects; Funding the candidate’s research, including incentivization for participants, transportation money, and other expenses; Supporting the candidate’s completion of their graduate studies in another way, as outlined in the application ($200/school year).
Faculty of Graduate Studies 
  • A variety of funding opportunities including: bursaries, scholarships, research cost funds etc.
  • You often need to complete the Student Financial Profile to access any bursaries and/or scholarships
  • Make sure to click through all the links and drop down menus
  • Conference Specific Funding - Graduate Development Fund
York University Graduate Students Association
  • A variety of funding including: conferences, bursaries, emergency loans
  • Available only to TA's, GA's and Contract Faculty
  • A variety of funding including: conference, childcare, ways and means
Provincial & National Funding