2019 Graduate Student Conference in Education

Education in Action:

The 15th Annual York University Graduate Conference in Education.

April 12 - 13, 2019

Education in Action - Program: FINAL PROGRAM - Education in Action

Education in Action - Schedules:

Friday April 12:  Friday April 12 Full Day

Saturday April 13: Friday April 13 Full Day

By Rooms:

Friday April 12 - April 12 MC 050A   ;    April 12 MC 050B    ;     April 12 WC 117

Saturday April 13 - April 13 MC 050A    ;     April 13 MC 050B     ;     April 13 WC 117

What does education in action mean to you? This is the question we pose and by doing so, we hope to put the idea of democracy in action into practice. Ultimately,  we would like to intentionally broaden the scope of democracy and allow participants to construct their own ideas of democracy. We leave room for interpretation and creative imagination.

This event features 2 days of research presentations and celebrations to recognize the important contributions graduate students are making to the field of education.

A special thank you to the Dean’s Office, YUGSA  and FGS who has provided the funding so this conference can be free to graduate students and faculty of Education.

Conference Highlights:
DAY 1 April 12
Dadaab Cohort Presentations 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM (WC 117)
YGSE Welcome Breakfast and Registration 9:00 to 9:30 (WC 117)
Conference Key Note Panel 9:45-11:15
This year’s key note panel features our Graduate Program Director, Doctor Qiang Zha and our Doctoral Seminar Leader and Faculty Chair, Doctor Aparna Mishra-Tarc. These faculty members will provide an engaging discussion on the conference theme “Education in Action”
Faculty-Student Lunch and Social 12:45 – 2:15
YGSE invites our professors and graduate students to join us for the final term Faculty-Student Social. It is an opportunity to build your relationships with faculty and students.
Graduate Student Networking Dinner 5:30pm - 7:30pm
YGSE invites conference participants to join us at Shopsy's (York Lanes) for an informal networking dinner. Get to know your colleagues and their work!
The YGSE Conference closing social 3:00 to 5:00pm
We will book-end this conference with a bang with our end of term social. Be sure to join us to have some fun and enjoy the company of your cohort, participate in our end of term raffle and allow us to say, “good-bye” to our graduating friends and see you in September to our returning colleagues.


Call for Proposals - CLOSED