Your 2022-2023 Council!

Council Announcement! We are very excited to welcome our 2022-2023 YGSE Council. Please read below to see our elected and acclaimed members, along with their blurbs and photos. We look forward to an excellent year of student governance and action. Thank you to all candidates for a robust and collegial election. Please note that the […]

Congratulations to our acclaimed nominees!

Congratulations to the following nominees who were acclaimed into their roles:   Graduate Lounge Manager  Chunlei Liu I used to be a Lab Manager when I was doing my master's. I have all the experience. Chief Returning Officer Chunlei Liu I am a very organized and detailed person. Secretary Sheetal Prasad Hello! My name is […]

Join our CSSE workshop!

Join us for our CSSE workshop hosted by Dr. Natalia Balyasnikova on September 15 from 1 - 2 pm on Zoom. CSSE, or the Canadian Society for the Study of Education hosts an annual conference which is taking place this year (May 2023) at York! Dr. Balyasnikova will walk you through the submission process and answer […]

YGSE Nomination Period Opens Soon!

Please consult our Council Positions page for details about each position. The election process has 3 stages: Nomination period - Sept. 6 - 11 Campaign period - Sept. 12 - 18 Election period - Sept. 19 - 20 Nomination period You nominate yourself for any position(s) that you would like to hold. When you nominate […]

Join our Accountability Buddies workshop TODAY!

Make sure to come out to our Accountability Buddies Workshop TODAY from 5 - 6. We will go over what an accountability buddy is, makes some goals for the semester and make accountability buddy groups. If you cannot attend the event, please email us and we will add you to a group! Zoom link:

Register for our Plan Your Degree workshop!

The social and professional events committee invites you to attend our Plan Your Degree online workshop. We are hosting two sessions for our graduate students, one for M.​Ed students and one for Ph.D. students. Each session will go through the different stages of the graduate program to give you a clear idea of what you […]

Regarding Myths Surround PhD Application

It has been brought to our attention that many M.Ed students are confused regarding Ph.D. applications. Specifically, the Writing Sample. Many fear universities prefer one type of research over the other. This could not be further from the truth. Our M.Ed Rep, Sebastian, contacted over 15 universities asking if they had a preference for a […]

Join Us for our December Social!

Hello graduate students! It's been a long and busy semester, but you've almost made it to the end! Join us on Zoom to toast the end of the semester on December 10th from 6:30 - 8 pm. We'll play games and socialize. If you can only make it for part of the night, don't worry, just […]

Register for the YGSE Faculty Meet & Greet!

Due to COVID-19 and remote learning, many students, particularly those in the first and second year of their degree, have not been able to meet as many students and faculty members as in the past. The YGSE is hosting a faculty meet and greet in collaboration with the Graduate Program Office to help new students […]