YGSE Elections

YGSE COUNCIL ELECTIONS - 2022/2023 Academic Year

Please consult our Council Positions page for details about each position.

Open Positions

There are currently 3 open positions.

  • MEd Representative
  • PhD Representative
  • Indigenous student representative - Hiring Committee

Indigenous Student Representative - Hiring Committee

The hiring committee is looking for an Indigenous-identifying student from the Faculty of Education to work on the committee this year along. Please see below for responsibilities. Please nominate yourself here.

The nomination period is from Nov. 14 - 18. The campaign period is form Nov. 18 - 23. The elections will be from Nov. 24 - 25.

Please contact our CRO for more information: chunleil@yorku.ca


The successful candidate will serve on the Hiring Committee for this year. This will involve:

i) Attending Faculty of Education Hiring Committee meetings. These meetings are
ii) Reading applications, interviewing candidates, attending colloquia and deliberations
of potential faculty members.
iii) Completing the Unconscious Bias/Affirmative Action training by Polaris.


Masters (1 position) and PhD Representative (1 position) 

Masters’ and PhD reps are responsible for: 

  1. The Masters’ Representative represents the interests of masters students while the PhD Representative represents the interests of PhD students.
  2. Preparing an initial survey in October that outlines students' concerns and visions at York that YGSE should attend to in the upcoming year. Creating a report for YGSE members. 
  3. Holding at least 1 town hall meeting that responds to issues that emerge within the year. This could be in liaison with other interested parties such as the equity committee. Creating a report on town hall meetings. 
  4. Communicating student concerns and feedback (from surveys, town halls, and general communication) with YGSE members, particularly with the equity committee, members on councils, and representative positions (CUPE, YUGSA) to ensure that students' concerns are heard within the faculty and the university. 
  5. Researching and reporting on issues that are of concern to the students. 
  6. Presenting a brief presentation about the YGSE and YGSE initiatives in at least 2 graduate classes per semester with the approval of the professor. 

Please contact ygsechair@edu.yorku.ca or chunleil@yorku.ca for more information.