YGSE Council Positions

The YGSE council positions are divided into three divisions: Executive Positions, Associate Positions, and Committee Positions. These positions are for a 1-year term. The students elected to these positions act as a representative/liaisons of the YGSE/Graduate Students on the respective committee. Requirements: Attend all YGSE Meetings, Committee Meetings (if applicable), and fulfill duties of role as needed.

York University Graduate Students in Education Constitution (2021)

Executive Positions

  • Co-Chairs - Lead and coordinate the activities of the YGSE. (2 positions) ***Note: This 2021-2022 year has 3 co-chairs as there was a tie on the Ph.D. chair position***

Co-chairs chair the meetings of the YGSE. Because they are responsible for the smooth running of meetings, they are expected to be familiar with the rules that govern these meetings. These include

Robert’s Rules of Order (we understand that RRO has colonial ties, and as such, the Council is discussing ways in which we can decolonize meetings/RRO)*

President’s “Regulation Regarding Student Organizations” (see pages 1-59 of https://www.yorku.ca/secretariat/wp-content/uploads/sites/107/2022/02/board-agenda-20220301.pdf)

Bill 184, College and University Student Associations Act, 2011 (https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/bills/parliament-39/session-2/bill-184).

Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010, S.O. 2010, c. 15 (https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/10n15).

There are limits to the limitless power of a co-chair though. Co-chairs do not get to vote on motions (except to break a tie) and cannot make or second motions. Their job is to make sure everyone has a fair chance to participate in these meetings. Student representatives serve on important committees across the Faculties of Education and Graduate Studies, and it is at these meetings they report on, and to, the students they represent.

Their other duties include

  • Serving as a liaison between the YGSE and the Graduate Program in Education Executive.
  • Attending and sharing YGSE reports at the Graduate Executive meetings and Graduate Council Meetings.
  • Regularly communicating by email with the Graduate Program Director and education graduate students (i.e., important announcements, YGSE meeting dates and meeting minutes). These reports are to be done in a business like and professional manner.
  • Responding in timely manner to education graduate students’ YGSE related questions and concerns.
  • Organizing and chairing YGSE meetings and ensuring that all graduate student representatives share reports. To do this effectively the Co-Chairs will make every effort to learn the contents of the Constitution and Robert’s Rules of Order*.

*The Equity Committee is conducting ongoing research in ways we may decolonize RRO/meetings*

  • Speaking in MEd and PhD seminar classes about the YGSE and elections at the beginning of September
  • Regularly communicating and working with YGSE graduate student representatives and sub-committees (e.g., Graduate Student Governance Committee; Finance Committee)
  • Assisting the Graduate Conference Coordinator with planning and facilitating the Graduate Conference (and sharing opening remarks at the conference)
  • Welcoming incoming MEd and PhD at summer orientation sessions (late July or August)
  • Organizing a Welcome Social (on campus or digital) for all incoming and returning education graduate students in early/mid-September
  • Organizing YGSE elections (with the CRO).
  • Regularly communicating and working with YGSE Council Members.
  • Organizing a CUPE 3903 information session for education graduate students in the fall term
  • Assisting with the Faculty-Graduate Student Meet & Greet in the fall term
  • Attending Faculty-Graduate Student Events
  • Maintaining up to date YGSE files to be passed along to the incoming YGSE Co-Chairs.
  • Submitting a final report to the YGSE, Education Graduate Program Director, and Graduate Council. (YGSE Constitution, p. 4)
  • Treasurer - Manages finances for the organization. (1 position)
  • Secretary - Takes minutes of meetings and manages record keeping. (1 position)
  • Community & Professional Development Coordinator - Organizes and Facilitates Social and Professional Development Events for YGSE members. (1 position)

Associate Positions

  • Chief Returning Officer - Organizing and verifying election and its process. (1 position)
  • Ph.D. Representative - Acts as a liaison between Ph.D. students and the YGSE. (1 position)
  • M.Ed Representative - Acts as a liaison between Master's students and the YGSE. (1 position)
  • Urban Indigenous Cohort Representative - Acts as a liaison between Urban Indigenous Cohort students and the YGSE. (1 position)
  • Dadaab (Kenya) Cohort Representative - Acts as a liaison between Dadaab Cohort students and the YGSE. (1 position)
  • Graduate Conference Coordinators - Leads and Coordinates the Graduate Conference in Education. (2 positions)
  • IT Coordinator - Provides IT support to the YGSE and manages social media accounts and website. (1 position)
  • Graduate Lounge/Kitchen Manager - Ensures Grad Lounge and Kitchen are well-stocked and in working order. (1 position)
  • York University Graduate Student Association (YUGSA) Representatives - Sharing education graduate student concerns with YUGSA. (3 positions)
  • CUPE 3903 (Union) Steward - Acting as a liaison between CUPE3903 and education graduate students. (1-2 positions)
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) Representative - Acting as a liaison between FGS and education graduate students. (1 position)

Committee Positions

  • Faculty Council Representatives - Attend Faculty of Education Faculty Council Meetings. (2 positions)
  • Research & Awards Committee Representative - Faculty of Education RAC Committee meetings. (1 position)
  • Admissions Committee Representative - Attend Faculty of Education Admission Committee meetings. (1 position)
  • Hiring Committee Representatives - Attend Faculty of Education Hiring Committee meetings. (2 positions)
  • Tenure & Promotions Committee Representative - Attend Faculty of Education T&P Committee meetings. (1 position)
  • Coordinating & Planning Committee - Attend Faculty of Education C&P meetings, and bring issues and concerns from education graduate students to C&P. (1 position)
  • Anti-Black Racism Committee - Attending, participating, and voting in faculty Anti-Black Racism Committee meetings. Provide reports to YGSE on motions and issues relevant to education graduate students after each Anti-Black Racism Committee meetings. (1 position)