YGSE Council Positions

The YGSE council positions are divided into three divisions:

  • Executive Positions
  • Associate Positions
  • Committee Positions.

These positions are for a 1-year term. The students elected to these positions act as a representative/liaisons of the YGSE/Graduate Students on the respective committee.

Requirements: Attend all YGSE Meetings, Committee Meetings (if applicable), and fulfill duties of role as needed (as outlined in the Constitution).

York University Graduate Students in Education Constitution (2023)

Executive Positions

  • Co-Chairs - Lead and coordinate the activities of the YGSE. (2 positions)
  • Treasurer - Manages finances for the organization; creating and maintaining the budget, applying for funding from YUGSA, reporting on YGSE finances at council meetings, reimbursing expenses as per the direction of student council. About 3-5hrs/month (1 position)
  • Secretary - Takes minutes of meetings and manages record keeping. Provides IT support to the YGSE, manages social media accounts and website, sets up meetings, sends messages to YGSE members or to the listservs, and fielding or answers questions from the student body. About 10hrs/week. (1 position)
  • Community & Professional Development Coordinator - Organizes and Facilitates Social and Professional Development Events for YGSE members. Works with a committee. About 10hrs/month. (1 position) note: this position's name may change
  • Equity and Communications Coordinators - Liaising with students about equity concerns and issues, providing resources to help support students through concerns, and working with a committee to address equity issues within our department. (2 positions)

Associate Positions

  • Chief Returning Officer - Organizing and verifying election and its process. About 5hrs/week during election periods (1 position) Note: this position's name may change
  • Urban Indigenous Cohort Representative - Acts as a liaison between Urban Indigenous Cohort students and the YGSE. (1 position) Note: this position's name may change
  • Dadaab (Kenya) Cohort Representative - Acts as a liaison between Dadaab Cohort students and the YGSE. (1 position) Note: this position is currently inactive
  • Graduate Conference Coordinators - Leads and Coordinates the Graduate Conference in Education. The time commitment is heavy, especially in the month before the conference. You will have a committee to support you. 5-10hrs /week in the fall; about 10-20hrs a week leading up the conference. (2 positions)
  • Journal Managing EditorLeads and coordinates the YU-WRITE: Journal of Graduate Students Research in Education. (1 position) The time commitment is heavy.
  • Graduate Lounge/Kitchen Manager - Ensures Grad Lounge and Kitchen are well-stocked and in working order. (1 position)
  • York University Graduate Student Association (YUGSA) Representatives - Sharing education graduate student concerns with YUGSA, and attending YUGSA trainings and meetings. (3 positions)
  • CUPE 3903 (Union) Steward - Acting as a liaison between CUPE3903 and education graduate students, attending monthly CUPE and Steward Council meetings. About 8 - 10 hrs/month.. (1-2 positions)
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) Representative (PHD ONLY) - Acting as a liaison between FGS and education graduate students at FGS meetings. About 2-3 hrs/month. (1 position) Note: This position is no longer active
  • MEd Representative (1 position) & PhD Representative (1 position) - Acting as a liaison between MEd students and PhD students respectively. Hosting town halls and getting student feedback on important issues affecting your respective cohort.
  • Graduate Mentorship Program Coordinators (2 positions) - Serve as coordinators for the Mentorship Program; pairing mentors with mentees, recruiting, training, etc.

Committee Positions

  • Faculty Council Representatives - Attend Faculty of Education Faculty Council Meetings. (2 positions)
  • Committee on Faculty Research, Awards And Grants (CFRAG) - Attending monthly Faculty of Education CFRAG Committee meetings, reading documents about awards, and attending the occasional faculty-hosted event. About 3 - 10hrs/month. (1 position)
  • Admissions Committee Representative (PhD ONLY) - Attend Faculty of Education Admission Committee meetings and adjudicate applications for the MEd and PhD Faculty of education programs. This position is heavy during December-February. (1 position)
  • Hiring Committee Representatives - Attend Faculty of Education Hiring Committee meetings, read candidate applications, interview candidates, and attend colloquia and deliberations. This position is heavy in the winter term. (1-2 positions depending on hiring needs)
  • Tenure & Promotions Committee Representative - Attend Faculty of Education T&P Committee meetings from September to April and adjudicate tenure and promotions for faculty members. About 1-2 hours/month. (1 position)
  • Coordinating & Planning Committee - Attend Faculty of Education C&P meetings, and bring issues and concerns from education graduate students to C&P. (1 position)
  • Justice, Equity, and Redress of Anti-Black Racism Committee Representative- Attending, participating, and voting in faculty Anti-Black Racism Committee meetings. Provide reports to YGSE on motions and issues relevant to education graduate students after each Anti-Black Racism Committee meeting. (1 position)