YGSE Council Positions

The YGSE council positions are divided into three divisions: Executive Positions, Associate Positions, and Committee Positions. These positions are for a 1-year term. The students elected to these positions act as a representative/liaisons of the YGSE/Graduate Students on the respective committee. Requirements: Attend all YGSE Meetings, Committee Meetings (if applicable), and fulfill duties of role as needed.

York University Graduate Students in Education Constitution (2021)

Executive Positions

  • Co-Chairs - Lead and coordinate the activities of the YGSE. (2 positions) ***Note: This 2021-2022 year has 3 co-chairs as there was a tie on the Ph.D. chair position***
  • Treasurer - Manages finances for the organization. (1 position)
  • Secretary - Takes minutes of meetings and manages record keeping. (1 position)
  • Community & Professional Development Coordinator - Organizes and Facilitates Social and Professional Development Events for YGSE members. (1 position)

Associate Positions

  • Chief Returning Officer - Organizing and verifying election and its process. (1 position)
  • Ph.D. Representative - Acts as a liaison between Ph.D. students and the YGSE. (1 position)
  • M.Ed Representative - Acts as a liaison between Master's students and the YGSE. (1 position)
  • Urban Indigenous Cohort Representative - Acts as a liaison between Urban Indigenous Cohort students and the YGSE. (1 position)
  • Dadaab (Kenya) Cohort Representative - Acts as a liaison between Dadaab Cohort students and the YGSE. (1 position)
  • Graduate Conference Coordinators - Leads and Coordinates the Graduate Conference in Education. (2 positions)
  • IT Coordinator - Provides IT support to the YGSE and manages social media accounts and website. (1 position)
  • Graduate Lounge/Kitchen Manager - Ensures Grad Lounge and Kitchen are well-stocked and in working order. (1 position)
  • York University Graduate Student Association (YUGSA) Representatives - Sharing education graduate student concerns with YUGSA. (3 positions)
  • CUPE 3903 (Union) Steward - Acting as a liaison between CUPE3903 and education graduate students. (1-2 positions)
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) Representative - Acting as a liaison between FGS and education graduate students. (1 position)

Committee Positions

  • Faculty Council Representatives - Attend Faculty of Education Faculty Council Meetings. (2 positions)
  • Research & Awards Committee Representative - Faculty of Education RAC Committee meetings. (1 position)
  • Admissions Committee Representative - Attend Faculty of Education Admission Committee meetings. (1 position)
  • Hiring Committee Representatives - Attend Faculty of Education Hiring Committee meetings. (2 positions)
  • Tenure & Promotions Committee Representative - Attend Faculty of Education T&P Committee meetings. (1 position)
  • Coordinating & Planning Committee - Attend Faculty of Education C&P meetings, and bring issues and concerns from education graduate students to C&P. (1 position)
  • Anti-Black Racism Committee - Attending, participating, and voting in faculty Anti-Black Racism Committee meetings. Provide reports to YGSE on motions and issues relevant to education graduate students after each Anti-Black Racism Committee meetings. (1 position)