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See below the many resources that the Faculty of Education and YGSE provide.

***Note: Winters College is undergoing construction start Jan 2022***


Plan Your Degree! 
This shared Google Drive Folder contains resources from the Plan Your Degree events in 2022. Please make sure to either make a copy of the Google Doc or download the files/folders. There are also video recordings of the event. Contact social.ygse@gmail.com for more information.


Regarding Myths Surrounding Ph.D. Applications


These three rooms are available for Graduate Student Use. They require an entry code. Please visit the Graduate Program Office for the code.

Graduate Computer Lab - WC 265

Graduate Student Lounge - WC 248

Graduate Student Kitchen - WC 029

Computers and Printing Services are available in WC 265 and WC 248.

If you need help with IT or to borrow technology equipment: Visit Winters College Room 031


IT Software & Resources Available:

Apps and Softwares Available

Technology 2018

IT Services @ the Faculty of Education

If you need any sort of teaching materials or manipulatives etc.:

Education Resource Centre - First Floor Winters College