YGSE Nomination Period Opens Soon!

Please consult our Council Positions page for details about each position.

The election process has 3 stages:

  • Nomination period - Sept. 6 - 11
  • Campaign period - Sept. 12 - 18
  • Election period - Sept. 19 - 20

Nomination period

You nominate yourself for any position(s) that you would like to hold. When you nominate yourself, you will provide a brief rationale explaining why you are suited for that position. This will be shared with the general membership and included on the ballot. You have until midnight on September 11 to nominate yourself.

Campaign period Guidelines

All those who nominated themselves will be contacted on Sept. 12. 

All nominees will be listed on our elections page on our website from Sept. 12 - 18. Nominees may create 1-2 posters that can also be shared on the website. Students will receive an email listing all nominees and their bios as well as a link to our elections page.

Nominees are welcome to campaign outside of these venues through their own personal networks and social media. 

We encourage a collegial and democratic campaign. Nominees are allowed to post up to two times on each official YGSE social media platforms (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter) during the campaign week (please contact the co-chairs). They may post as frequently as they like through other venues. 

Candidates may post up to 20 posters in Winter’s College during the campaign period. After the campaign period ends, you are required to remove any and all posters. If postering on campus, you are required to follow York U’s guidelines.

Election period

You will have 48 hours to vote in the election. The vote will be anonymous and everyone will have only one vote per position. Should no one else run in the position that you nominated yourself for, you will be automatically elected into that position. Voting will take place online via York U’s MachForm platform.

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